Roy is an Entrepreneur. Who fed up with manual tracking daily business documentation, tax returns, employee payroll. etc


He made a lot of trials to track all financial transactions in his company. But everything failed. 

As an attempt, he would decide to go for online accounting and invoicing solution. 

When it comes to accounting solution online most people are not aware of its benefits.

Accounting software is capable of generating invoice online free, auditing expenses, tax calculations, employee payroll, benefits, performance reports, payment due to reminders etc. However, there are many more benefits to accounting and invoicing solution that helps you to grow, improve, and expand your business. 

Here are some of the most important accounting reports for your business that you should know about.


Profit and loss statement

The most important for any business required is the profit and loss statement. This report tells you about how much money a business consumes. A well-run bookkeeping operation is enough for you to understand how much money spend and where your money comes from. But it is difficult to keep a proper bookkeeping system in an established business firm. Hence it is preferable to go for online accounting and invoicing solution. 

Balance sheet

A balance sheet gives you about a snapshot of what a business has and owes at a point of time. Assets include bank accounts, accounts receivables, and investment account. Liabilities generally include credit cards, business loans, and anything else owes. This balance sheet generated by accounting solution will showcase the exact financial position of your business. 

Revenue by customer

Your revenue by customer report tells you about how much you made from each customer over a while. Building good relationships with quality clients can turn in to a reliable and healthy income. Revenue received by the customer is exactly listed in accounting software. Which help you to track the unpaid customers; hence you can go for payment reminders

Accounts receivable 

You can keep count on the number of invoices you were sent ad how many invoices are earned its fruits. Online accounting and the invoicing solution will help you to measures about accounts received. It helps you to keep on tracking your business. 

I’ve been very lucky when it comes to a matter collection of payments; it is well done by MyExps the all in one accounting and invoicing services. It is your part to choose the right clients to work with your business. 


There are countless benefits for online accounting and invoicing solutions, I would suggest just go get to understand the benefits of MyExps – by yourself.